It's no secret that we really like silver jewelry so much. Family heirlooms, including vases and silver jewelry and so on, make stunning displays and cherished gifts. However, these items are meant to be shown or used, which means they will need a little bit upkeep. Therefore, knowing how to clean silver jewelry is important.


Here are our tips for how to clean silver jewelry—from routine care to hacks and preventative maintenance. You will enjoy sparkling accessories without much hard work at all.

  1. How to clean silver jewelry-Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil

Add hot water and baking soda into a bowl, then put aluminum foil on it. Take the silver jewelry away after 1-3 minutes, wash by cool water and rub dry with a soft cloth. Because of a chemical reaction that tarnish will be removed from the silver within second or minutes.

  1. How to clean silver jewelry-Lemon and Salt Bath

Add 3 tablespoons of salt and hot water mix with lemon juice to the bowl, then place the tarnished silver on it for 5 minutes. Wipe off with a soft cloth after taking it out.

  1. How to clean silver jewelry-Beer

Soak the silver jewelry into a cup of beer. Remove after 5- 10 minutes and rub clean with a soft cloth.

  1. How to clean silver jewelry-Cornstarch

The mixture of cornstarch and water will refresh the silver jewelry again. Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry and wipe with a thick towel. Tip: cream also works if you don't have cornstarch.

If your silver jewelry is precious or it has gemstones or other embellishments, we suggest that it should be clean with special cleaning detergent. It would be better to contact profession jewelry cleaning store to prevent from unintentionally scratch the jewelry.


Except for cleaning the silver jewelry, store it well plays an important role. Silver jewelry tarnishes when exposed to air for long periods, so storing the silver in a sealed plastic bag with rust-proof strips is a good precaution.

Make sure you don't store more than one piece of jewelry in the same bag: silver jewelry is a soft metal, so each piece can be scraped against the other. The chain or chain bracelet should be kept loose or unhooked to prevent scratches.

If you cannot use plastic bags, try to ensure low humidity in the storage area. You can also place a piece of chalk, a package of activated charcoal, or a silica gel container in the storage area to minimize contamination.


Well-cared-for silver jewelry can give you years of happiness and enjoyment and even become family heirlooms. Of course, precious silver is valuable. So don't wait until the tarnishing gets so bad that you forget about your silver treasures or even get rid of them. Give your silver jewelry a fresh start right now!

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