Design Your Own

Do you want a unique fashion pieces ? We are always here to help you achieve ! 

Custom Type :

1、Create New

If you are the creative type and have a design of your own or have seen a style that has inspired you, we can help you to put your ideas into precious metals, gemstones, T-shirt ,watch or others.

2、Modify Existing

Custom designs are often derived from existing jewelry or others. Many times, a customer will see a fashion pieces that they like, but they prefer it with a different shape, size, or color. No problem, we’re Custom Designers! We will make it for you the way that you want it!

3、Replicate Design

Many of our clients have had family heirlooms replicated. Or there are the favorite items that were lost or worn-out and need to be replaced. Our team of designers can redesign or replicate items for you, as long as there are no trademark or patent violations incurred by reproducing the item.

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